Unlike Attorney Stambaugh, who caters exclusively to WIU Students and Parents, most other Macomb Illinois attorneys are in general practice firms that cover many different areas of law in addition to criminal law (i.e. divorces, real estate, etc.).  Therefore the bulk of the
other law firms' clientelle consists of local Macomb area residents.

Attorney Stambaugh's clientelle consists of approximately 98% WIU students and their visiting friends - which require special attention to travel issues, class schedules, parents' work schedules, etc.. 

The majority of calls to Attorney Stambaugh's office are from parents of WIU student from the Chicago suburbs and other areas outside of Macomb.  Therefore, she does her best to schedule appointments and courthouse dates with your travel issues and work schedules in mind.  She also offers after hour phone conferences when necessary, payment of retainer via paypal, and faxing and emailing of documents - so there is no need for unnecessary trips to Macomb or long waits on regular mail.  When you put your child in Attorney Stambaugh's hands, you will feel confident that they are being taken care of so that you can focus on other things