Susan L. Stambaugh's goal is to provide excellent and affordable legal services in a timely manner.   Attorney Stambaugh differs from most other attorneys and law firms, in that due to the narrow scope of her practice and the nature of her clientele, she is available directly by cell phone and texting for prompt contact, able to schedule calls and court appearances around clients' and parents' schedules and travel needs in most situations, and able to provide timely disposition of cases (often in one court appearance). 

Since most contact with clients and out-of-town parents is by phone and routine meetings are usually scheduled on court dates at the courthouse, Attorney Stambaugh is able to keep her legal fees affordable, as she does not have the overhead of most other law firms - no fancy office expenses, no fancy office equipment, no secretaries to pay, magazine racks to fill - no surprise bills at the end of your case.  Attorney Stambaugh is not just a "suit" behind a big desk, but rather she prefers to relate with clients and parents in an approachable, down to earth, no nonsense manner as partners in accomplishing the best possible outcome for her clients.